~Bob, Seller & Buyer

~Wiley, Seller

~My and Xuan, Sellers & Buyers

~Susan and Arthur, Buyers

“I started with Barbara for Jamaica Plain and Roslindale, both of which she knows like the back of her hand. She quickly figured out my tastes and what I’d find an attractive property to view and what I shouldn’t waste my time on. She also showed me other areas for comparison, including Newton and Watertown which she also knows intimately well. We are now concentrating on South Boston which she knows but hasn’t sold as many properties there, but she pulls reports to show when something is overpriced, how to comp properties – and when we are walking through she discusses what’s good about it and what isn’t, and how to negotiate for the particular property if I’m interested in it. I like her style, her personality, her dedication and responsiveness. I’m very comfortable working with her and in recommending her to others. She does her homework – but most of all, she’s a pleasure to deal with.”

“Barbara is the perfect tonic for quelling qualms that inevitably arise when selling a home. She uses her market knowledge, confident professionalism, and stepwise approach to get the job done rapidly and efficiently, yet at the same time is able to use her sunny disposition and genuine friendliness to dispense the encouragement and cheer needed to ward off the the relocation blues. As an added bonus, she used her considerable photographic talents to instill an element of delight into our home-selling episode. In short, Barbara is a delightful person who guided us effortlessly through the entire real-estate transaction and arrived at an equitable outcome that left all parties gratified.”

“We worked with Barb on both the purchase of our new home as well as the sale of our old condo (which she helped us by originally). I was really happy with how things went and have recommended her to friends. Some of her really strong features:

She will tell you what you need to do to get your house ready to sell. She isn’t trying to make you feel good about the purple paint in the living room that seemed like a good idea at the time; she’ll tell you to get rid of it (and help you find someone to do it if you need it). Her improvement/staging advice was very helpful and we had an offer for our condo prior to our first open house, with a few back-up offers as well.

She has a good sense of the market. She spent at least an hour with us before we listed our condo discussing what we should list it for. In the end her estimate was right on and we got about 5% more for our condo that we had been expecting based on our own research.

She seems to be working 24/7. We would call/email her frequently and she was always very responsive. I’m not sure when she sleeps. This was particularly important when our first deal fell through when the buyer backed out. She was on top of it and we had a signed offer letter with our second (and final) buyer within 48 hours. She also was very helpful with regard to assembling all of the documents that are needed for the closing (which can be a lot if you are selling a condo).

She has a good eye when she shows you a place. She strongly encourages you not to put in an offer before she has seen it so that she can look for problems you may have missed (e.g., signs of termites or old water damage in the basement). She doesn’t pretend to be an inspector, but will point out things that look wrong. She is also good at then taking the things she has seen, along with the home inspection report to negotiate down the purchase price.

She takes the time to get to know what you want and helps focus your search. This doesn’t just apply to the house, but also to the neighborhoods. This was really important to us because some of the areas we were looking in had desirable parts and less desirable parts, so we didn’t waste our time on places we wouldn’t have been interested in.

She is really nice to interact with. We like Barb a lot and plan to have her over for dinner once we are settled in our new home so that she can see how it turned out and so that we can catch up. We have remained in contact with her even after our closings and she has continued to be a great resource for various things home-related (between Barb and the tax-free weekend we saved about 30% on a bunch of new appliances).”

“Extremely knowledgeable and accomodating. Knows the business and the business knows her. Very patientm, skilled and practiced negotiator. Responsive, prompt and on target. Whether you are buying or selling a home, Barbara is a valuable asset to have in your corner.”

“Thanks to Barbara, I own 2 condos that are still worth more money than what I paid for them back BEFORE the bubble burst. I can’t speak enough towards her professionalism, creativity, and eagerness to assist in all aspects of the home buying process. I have recommended her to pretty much every person I know that is looking to buy a home in the Boston area and will continue to do so. I feel really lucky to have fallen into Barbara as not only did I find a great realtor, I found a friend! Rest assured, there are none better than this!”